Also by Koos Verkaik: Saladin the Wonder Horse

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Book 1: Saladin the Wonder Horse

Angie looks after the horses of Lord Baltimore.

It is a rough time in England, where Prince John sits temporarily on the throne of his brother Richard the Lionhearted.

The girl plunges into wild adventures when she tries to keep a colt out of the greedy hands of the prince. She meets a mysterious knight, who gives her his horse—Saladin, the black wonder horse.

With the two faithful animals Angie manages to reach the camp of Robin Hood, bringing him an important message.

Silver, the colt she saved, learns quickly from the clever Saladin.

The exciting adventures of Angie, Silver, and Saladin come to a head as the girl resolves to outsmart Prince John.

And of course she cannot achieve that without her special horses . . . and some very special friends.































Book 2: Saladin and Silver

Angie roams the country, that is reigned by the ambitious Prince John.

An encounter with a mysterious knight saddles her with an even mysterious horse: Saladin the wonder stallion. This horse reveals himself as the teacher of Silver, her own, silver colored horse. This way Silver becomes a wonder horse as well.

Angie has gone far away from Nottingham and the castle of the prince.

Of course she rides Silver. The beautiful horse is no longer a colt, hardly seems to feel the weight of the young girl and loves it to be together with her.

Again Angie meets the most odd people – a tinker, Joe and his bear Bruto and especially the spoiled Princess Wanda, daughter of Prince John, who is after her favorite horse! Angie has become an outlaw and a fugitive: she has to keep Silver out of the hands of the greedy princess!





























Book 3: Silver and the Ghost Horse


Again Angie and her wonder horse Silver plunge into the most dangerous adventures. It all starts, when a sly councilor and a giant soldier decide to destroy the camp of Robin Hood. No one knows where to find that camp of Robin and his men. No one, except for… Angie! Soon everyone is looking for her and things don’t look good for the girl. But she can count on the help of Silver and Saladin and of her friend Joe and his bear Bruto. And another party is interested in Angie and Silver! A strange man, who calls himself Sultan! And where do these mysterious ghost horses come from? Angie and her horse stay tough. For together they are strong, together they stand tall in a land full of enemies and problems…

Book 4: The Jester of Nottingham


Prince John reigns over England, now his brother Richard Lionheart is not there. He exploits the people and wears Richard’s crown. Everyone fears this mean prince. Except for men like Robin Hood and… girls like Angie!

Angie roams the country on the back of her wonder horse Silver and comes across the most odd persons. She runs into knight Rush and his little son Arthur, she meets a merry rat catcher en returns to the camp of Robin Hood. In the meantime Prince John organizes an election: the man who becomes the Jester of Nottingham, is allowed to reign the country for one week. He does not know that King Richard has set foot on English ground again! Angela knows where she can find the king and looks him up with Silver and the mighty Saladin…

And the king can use the help of Angie and her wonder horses!







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