Welcome in the Wolpertinger Museum!

Here you learn all about Ludo the wolpertinger


Dutch author Koos Verkaik has written lots and lots of books. The series Slimmetje (roughly translated to ´Smarty´) consisted of twelve different titles. He used a pen name for the series: Jan Jacobs. His full name is Jacobus Jan Verkaik, so he used a combination of the first two names). The Slimmetje series sold over 450.000 copies - in The Netherlands only!

Now we’re going to give away a big secret.

One, Ludo the wolpertinger was a… striped frog named Rory! Yes, it’s true. He roamed the Downhills as a bullfrog then and the name of Alex was… Alvin!

Back in 1993, the adventures of Alvin and the Bullfrog were a serial in a comic magazine…

Actually, a wolpertinger is a character from German folk-tales. Hunters, who had been out all day and had to return without a catch, used to say: “Ah, but I did see a wolpertinger!” Or: “I almost caught a wolpertinger!” Artist Hans Pieko once made a sketch of a wolpertinger the way the hunters often described it. Isn’t that an odd figure..?


Our friend Ludo the wolpertinger has a much nicer look…

In 1996 the first wolpertinger book was published by Mainport in Rotterdam, Holland.

By then Rory the bullfrog had already changed into Ludo the wolpertinger. The publisher also came up with an English version of the book.

Now the series has found a new home with Outer Banks Publishing Group, USA and their exciting adventures go on and on…


So now you know that Alex and Ludo are best friends for a long time already.

And they both hope that you will enjoy their new adventures!

The Wolpertinger Museum is opened with a drawing by Marnix Koppenol, a true friend of Alex and Ludo!

Attention! Of course there must be paintings in a museum. Do you feel like making a drawing of Alex, Ludo or one of the other characters from the series? Send your piece of art to: and we will put it in a nice frame and give it a place right here in the one and olny Wolpertinger Museum!

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